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CinePoser LT 2.0

CinePoser LT 2.0

CinePoser LT Publisher's Description

CinePoser LT is a Cinema 4D plugin to import Poser scenes. It imports scenes and animations that were exported from Poser as obj-files. It applies the materials from the Poser scene to the imported geometry and loads cameras and lights with animation. The lines of dynamic hair can be imported as a spline. You can also use this plugin to import the obj-file of a Poser figure or prop and apply the material from the figure, the prop, or a material pose. Of course, OBJ and MTL files exported from other applications like DAZ Studio can be imported as well, but the material import may be less accurate.

The import plugin is very easy to use. Just export the scene from Poser as a Wavefront OBJ. In Cinema 4D, run the CinePoser LT plugin and enter the file names of the obj-file and the Poser scene, that's all. There is only one import dialog window that includes all options you can set for the import.

CinePoser LT has its own obj-import independent from the one included in Cinema 4D. You can benefit from it even for non-Poser obj-files. It can import series of obj-files as point-level animations. It loads lines as splines. It does not break the geometry by groups, but imports groups as polygon selections. It can import materials from a mtl-file.

The import of Poser materials is based on the shader tree settings, but supports the P4 settings as well. Because of the differences in the material systems, only shaders without complex trees are supported. CinePoser LT imports all basic features from Poser shader trees including e.g. displacement maps and raytraced reflections.

CinePoser LT also includes an OBJ export to export objects from Cinema 4D to OBJ files including MTL libraries. These files can be imported in Poser or other applications with OBJ import.

Note: You have to enter your Cinema 4D registration number (first 11 digits) during purchase to get the registration code for CinePoser LT.


  • Supported versions:
    • Cinema 4D 11 and up (32 and 64 bit), Windows
    • Cinema 4D 9 and up (with a few limitations), Windows
    • all Poser versions (tested with Poser 5 to 8)
  • OBJ import:
    • obj and obz geometry files
    • series of obj-files as animation (not for Cinema 4D 10 and 10.5)
    • polygons and lines (lines as spline)
    • groups as polygon selections
    • UVW-mapping and material regions
    • normals
    • materials from mtl-file
  • Poser import:
    • locates obj-geometry from figure or prop
    • applies materials to imported obj-geometry
    • loads all materials from Poser file
    • background image
    • infinite, spot, and point lights
    • main, aux, and dolly camera
    • camera and light animation
    • files from all Poser versions
    • compressed and uncompressed Poser files
  • Poser material import:
    • diffuse color, value, and map
    • ambient color, value, and map
    • specular color, value, map, and size
    • transparency value and map
    • reflection color, value, map, and raytraced reflection
    • refraction/fresnel color and value
    • bump value and map
    • displacement value and map
    • normal map and type (Cinema 4D 11 and up only)
  • OBJ export:
    • obj and obz geometry files
    • groups and material regions
    • UVW-mapping
    • normals
    • mtl material library

This sample image (click for large image) shows a scene created and rendered in Poser 8 on the left side. This scene was exported from Poser as Wavefront OBJ and imported in Cinema 4D with CinePoser LT. The right side shows the render in Cinema 4D. No manual changes were made in Cinema 4D except of the image output size. There is no postwork on both renders.

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